How to create a new onboarding workflow

    Every time a new employee joins a company, several tasks need to be executed by different employees as a part of their onboarding process. For doing so effectively is essential the ability to manage these tasks with clarity and keep alignment between the employees involved. That is one of our workflow's missions.

    At flair, we call workflows the group of tasks that need to be executed by someone for a process and items the tasks themselves. We also have auto items, they are special types of items that allow executants to record information into our system (data or files)

    Due to the flexibility we offer, you can organize the workflows in a way that works better for you. Since you can assign multiple workflows to the same employee, you can create, for instance, one workflow to onboard the full organization and then different ones based on location, department, or role needs.

    Steps to create an onboarding workflow

    Search Workflow templates in the app launcher

    Select Workflow Templates to be redirected to the workflows section

    Click on New

    Workflows Templates section

    Fill out the Name and select which type of workflow you want to create—in our case: Onboarding

    Click on Save

    Create items

    Click on the New button to create a regular item or on the arrow next to it to create an auto item

    If you’ve clicked on New item or New button you will see the modal shown below. There, you just need to fill out:

    • The task in the Name field
    • The number of days after or before the deadline—can be positive or negative
    • Select if this deadline is or is not connected to the employee's start date. If it’s not (unchecked), the number of days will be calculated based on the workflow assignation date
    • Who is responsible to execute the task. You can choose between relative values (Manager, Performance Manager, Assignee—the onboarded person) or absolute values (Employee or Team)If you’ve clicked on File request you will see the modal shown below. There, besides the fields described for the regular item, you just need to fill out:
      • Category—where the document will be uploaded

      File format allowed. You can specify if you want to receive a PDF, Image, Zip; or select Any if you don’t have a specific preferenceIf you’ve clicked on Data request you will see the modal shown below. There, besides the fields described for the regular item, you just need to fill out:

      Review all the process

      Once you are done with all the items, you will see them as a list in the proper workflow. It’s perfect to see everything at a glance and, of course, edit what’s needed before the assignment.