How do I delete performance review questions?

The feedback cycle could have four different states:

  1. Setup - that state allows you to make changes in questions;
  2. Publishing - feedback reviews are created for employees(employee-manager and forms for employee's self-evaluation) ;
  3. In Progress - in this state, employees are population their reviews, and managers populate reviews about the employees;
  4. Finished - the cycle is closed; any changes are restricted, such as populating employee reviews are completed.

If the feedback cycle is in the state "Publishing", "In Progress" or "Finished" the system does not allow you do any changes with questions.

If you want to change the questions, move the state from those states to "Setup".

Important notice: If the review forms (employee-manages and forms for employee's self-evaluation) have already been created (the states of the performance review were "Publishing", "In Progress" or "Finished"), those forms are not updated with changes. But if you add new employees to the review, they will receive the updated questions.

Whether you are creating the content or at any time before the cycle is published, you will find a bin icon on the right-side to delete any question. The changes are immediately applied and saved — no confirmation is required.