Mass assignment absence policies

By using the Absence settings, you can easily assign accrual policies / activate Absence categories to the group of employees, even so controlling assignment of the policies and allowances.

To reach Absence settings, go to App Launcher and search for Absence settings

  1. Go to Absence settings | Salesforce. As you can see, this object contains three sections:
  2. Absence categories - this component displays all absence categories in the company. It is possible to create a new one if it's needed ;
  3. Accrual policies- this component displays policies according to the absence category;
  4. Employees - this component presents us employees, which have been assigned to the policy.

For example, we choose the absence category Vacation days, here we have three policies: Anniversary, 28 days, and No policy applied. Next to the policy's name, we can see the number of employees, which were assigned for the policy. If it is needed, we can also create a new policy here, just click on the Create button.

If the checkbox Active employee is checked on the Employees component, only active employees in the company would display.

Great, let's try to assign 28 days of vacation to several employees from the Domestic Sales department located in Berlin.

First of all, select the Absence category(Vacation days in our case)

Then click on the accrual policy (28 days in our case)

Click on Assign next to Employees

Set a start date, when the policy should be activated, this field is required

If we already know the end date we could also populate the End date field.

By adding employees, click on the Select employee's button.

If you click on the Show filters button, all filters appear.

It is also possible to hide filters using the button Hide filters

As we want to find employees from the Domestic Sales department in Berlin, let's use the filter Location

If we click on the apply filter button we can see all active employees in the selected location.

Then we have another condition - The domestic Sales department.

Click on Add Filter, to add this condition.

Also, it is possible to use different operators, if it is needed. In our case we use AND. 

Then select Department and Domestic sale

Click on Apply filter

After applying the filters we can select all filtered employees or click on the checkbox next to the employee.

Then the employee/s has/have been selected, click on add button.

To finish the assignment process, click on Assign to (2) employees button.

Well done! The policy was assigned to the employees.