Payroll Territory and Territory ID

Payroll Territories help us to define employees for each territory and configure proper documents during Payroll Runs. Each Payroll Runs contains employees from a single territory.

What are Payroll Territories and where we use them?

To navigate to the Payroll Territories tab, we are going to the HR application, in the quick box type Payroll Territories

In our case, we have two records: Germany and Switzerland. Germany territory is using for Payroll Runs in Germany, the second one - in Switzerland.

To add a new record, click New

Type Payroll Territory Name and other information, click Save

In the Payroll section of the employee record, we could assign the Payroll Territory for the employee. If the employee is not displaying in Payroll Runs, first of all, we need to check this field.

How to find Territory ID?

Every record in the Payroll Territory has an own ID, which contains 15 of 18 characters. Territory ID we will use to set up the configuration for generated documents.

Going to the Germany record, in the URL bar we now have the Territory ID