Configure which payroll file to generate

For each payroll territory, we can easily configure which number of files could generate in the Documents during the payroll.

To configure this we are going to Setup

From Setup, enter Custom Metadata Types in the Quick Find box, then select Custom Metadata Types

Click Manage Records next to Flair Payroll Doc Generation Settings

By default, we have one record with the name Default, which translates the same rules for all payroll territories 

We can edit or delete the Default record or add a new one, just click on New

Let's add new records for payroll territories. In our case, we have two payroll territories: Switzerland and Germany

Important information: the name of the record in Flair Payroll Doc Generation should be the same as the name of Payroll Territory.

Let's try to generate the Leaving Employee Exel document.

Check the checkbox next to Generate Exel Leaving Employees, click Save

Going to Payroll Runs in the HR app, open our record and click Generate in Documents

Here we go, we generated only Leaving Employees.xls file.

In the same way, we also can configure settings for all available Payrolls Territories.