How to configure payroll fields for exported documents

Let's go to the Payroll Runs in the Payroll Runs tab in the HR application: 

If you don't have any records, you can create a new one, click  New. More information about creation records in Payroll Runs, you can find here.

To open our Payroll run, click on the record.

On the right part of the screen, we can see the Generate button. If we click on this button, documents according to our payroll are generated.

Let's click Generate.

Here are our payroll files. We can download, upload or delete files. For example, If you want to download files to our computer, click Download all.

Note: If you want to define which payroll files should be generated, you can find more information about it here.

Each payroll file consists of bocks of fields, which could be easily changed.

Let's try to configure fields for Leaving Employees and New Hires.

From Setup, enter Employee in the Quick Find box, then select Employee object → Field Sets

Here's we have one record with the label Payroll Run Default. This field set is displaying field value changes in payroll by default.

Let's create our new Payroll fieldset for New Hires (we also can create fieldsets for other documents, for example, Leaving Employees ) for Germany Payroll Territory.

First of all, we need to find out the Territory ID for Germany.

From HR app we are going to Payroll Territories tab

In our DemoOrg we have two Territories.

Going to the Germany record. In the URL bar we now have the Territory ID, copy it.

In our case, Territory ID = a1D1x000000ZVxqEAG

Now we are going back to Fields Sets. Click New to add a new Fields set

Important: API name should look like {{exportType}}_{{territoryId}} , for example,(new_hires_{TERRITORY_ID} ), click Save

To configure our new fieldset, click on the label

Drag and Drop fields that you need, then click Save

Going back to Payroll Runs, click Generate in Documents

When documents were created, click on New Hires (pdf and xls contains the same information)

Here we go, all fields that have been chosen display in our files.

Well done! We created a new fieldset for new hires for Germany payroll Territory. In the same way, we can create new fieldsets for Leaving Employee and also for other Payroll Territories.