How to add a new legislation

Sometimes you need additional legislation or you are not satisfied with our pre-built legislations. It is not complicated to add a new one. The main thing you need to do is to create a record type.

Imagine that you only have two legislations (Germany and Switzerland) and you want to add Austria:

Go to Setup - Object Manager - Employee (flair__Employee__c) and open page Record types:

Click New to create a new record type (legislation). You can copy from the existing one: in our case from Germany. Do not forget to mark it Active:

The next step is to enable it for every Salesforce profile you want. You can also do it later per profile.

On the next page, you can assign a different layout. It makes sense if you want to have different sections and fields for additional legislation. The same as with record types, you can create new layouts as much as you want.

Click Save, and your new record type (legislation) is ready to use:

Add any new fields to the assigned layout and configure picklist values as you want.