How to install an extension legislation package

If you need additional legislation for your employee database, you can create a new record type by yourself or use our unlocked packages with pre-installed layouts, record types, and permission sets.

A summary of required steps

  1. Install our extension legislation package
  2. Assign permission set to users
  3. Assign record type to the layout
  4. Assign record type to profiles

Detailed explanation

First, you need to install this package. For example, your package URL is, then you can replace part with your Salesforce domain. Install the package for Admins Only:

After successful installation, go to Setup - Permission Sets and find a new permission set. In our example, it is Flair Manager (New Zealand):

Assign this permission set to users who will use flair with this legislation.

Another step is to configure the new record type. Open Setup - Object Manager - Employee object (flair__Employee__r), then Record Types

There you can activate or disable all available record types (legislations). To have an assigned page layout, please click the button Page Layout Assignment:

Then you will see your record types and assigned layouts:

We want our record type New Zealand to have the New Zealand layout. Click Edit and configure this:

Now time to enable new legislations (record types) for your users' profiles. Go to Setup - Profile and choose a profile you want to change:

Find Employee object:

And enable (assign) your record types:

You need to do this for every Salesforce profile which is used for your users.

After all these steps, your configuration is finished. Congratulations! Now you can create an employee in the new legislation: