How to configure Email-to-Candidate email address

flair gives you an opportunity to send an email to candidates after they applied for a job using your email address. 

From Setup, enter Email in the Search Setup box, then select Email Services

Click New Email Service

Define the field as follows:

  • Email service name: Candidate
  • Apex Class: EmailtoCandidate
  • Check Active checkbox
  • Save

Now we are adding a new email address.

Click New Email Address from Email Service: Candidate page.

Define the field as follows:

  • Email address Name: Jobs (instead of Jobs you can use another name. This name will appear as the recruiting email)
  • Context User: choose a user that is responsible for hiring
  • Save

Here is our local e-mail:

Let's try how it works: send a message to our fresh prepared email:

After the email is sent, the candidate immediately is received a reply:

The Context User, who we define previously, has also received a message:

And a new candidate is in our SF production base