How to create your first performance review cycle

How to create the review cycle

From the HR App Page on the top of the screen (Top sidebar), click Feedback Cycles. If this does not display on the top of the screen (like we have on the picture), click to More and select Feedback Cycles. For creating a new Performance review, click New on the top of the screen:

Fill in Name and Introduction text(optional), then set up the Deadline date. State leave with Setup. Then click Save

We have just created a new Performance review. Now we can add Feedback questions (click Add section) and Participants (click Add):

How to add Participants

Let's add Participants. When we click to Add, the windows Find employees are opened. Here we can search Employees by Name, Location, and Department. We also enable to filter Name, Position, Department, and Location alphabetically are using ↑ or ↓ arrow.

To select Employees that we will add to this review, check the checkbox ☑️ next to Name. Now all Employees were selected, click on Add.

How to add Feedback Questions

Click to Add Section. Here we can create sections of questions, name them and Save. For example, I named it Working life.

Then click add Question in this new section. Here we can fill in the information about the question, then click Save.

Publish the feedback

When you are ready with the sections, questions, and participants, you can publish your feedback cycles. The system will automatically create evaluation forms for employees (self-evaluation) and managers (evaluations for an employee). Employees will receive notifications via email.

Employee Side

Every employee can start their self-evaluation from the Employee HUB:

All answers are saving automatically. You can also add a note to your meeting:

Manager Side

A manager can see all ongoing performance review under Manager Dashboard → Performance Reviews: 

The manager can set up the 1-on-1 talk date:

And then he can start evaluating an employee:

When both evaluations are ready, you can start a talk:

You can write resolutions after each question:

Then it is time for setting goals which you can also relate with a resolution:

Afterward, the employee needs to accept goals on his Employee HUB: