Common problems when creating a new employee

If you can't create an employee and receive this error. That means that the user, who tries to create an employee has not had enough permissions.

Before creating a New Employee we need to assign the User as Flair Manager or Flair Manager( Local) permission set. 

We would recommend creating a Flair Manager (Local) permission by cloning the Flair Manager, which allows you to make a permission correction in the permission set.  

From Setup, we are going to Permission Sets. Click Clone next to Flair Manager permission set. 

Populate API and Label fields:

  • Flair Manager(Local) for Label
  • Flair_Manager_Local for  API Name

 Click Save

After the creation of the Flair Manager (Local) permission set, we are going into the properties of the permission set. Click on the permission set 

Click the button Manage Assignments 

Click on Add Assignments

Click on Select User/Users and choose the user, to whom you would like to assign the permission set

1. Check the checkbox next to the user

2. Click to Assign 

Click on Done. Well done! The permission set was assigned to the user. 

Now we need to activate a list of available record types. 

From Setup, enter Profiles in the Quick Find box, then select Profiles → Custom Record Type settings → Employees

From the list of Available Record Types select German or Switzerland Record type

Click the Add arrow to add or if it is needed, Remove arrow to Remove → Save