How to configure candidate path

Use the Search box to find Path Settings in Setup

To enable the Path click the Enable button

Now we have to active Path on two objects (Candidate and Payroll Run). 

We can edit the previous Candidate Path or create a new one.

To edit the Candidate Path click Edit 

Then click Next down the screen

If it is needed we could choose the field/fields, which will appear on the Stages

To chose and remove fields use narrows in the middle, when customization is completed, click Save | Next

To activate our Path we switch the toggle to On

We also can activate Celebrations, just move the toggle to On and select the Stage/ Stages, which we are want to celebrate. Drag and drop stages from the available list to select. Then we choose the frequency of celebration and click Finish. 

We are going to the Candidate record and now we are able to change the Stages on the Path.

Let's see how it works:

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